As my video work on CGR Undertow got more cinematic, more ambitious and more bizarre, we wondered what a CGR Undertow movie might be like. So we made one.


We launched the project on Kickstarter. In four weeks, we received nearly $8,000 in funding to begin production on the DVD, entitled A Great Big Bunch of CGR Undertow. The program slowly shifts from a celebratory retrospective on the show's greatest moments into a disturbing comedy/thriller.


It's like the Oscars, except people die.


The idea was inspired by old-time holiday specials, which often featured two hosts chatting between each segment. I'm supposed to host the program with my evil clone, but he has plans of his own—and they're hilariously horrific.


I wrote the script and worked with the talented Brandon Roudebush, who did the editing and cinematography. I also designed the DVD's packaging and drew the artwork. It features our mascot, Cpt. Undertoad, who gets impaled when you put the disc in the case.


Don't worry, he'll be fine.


The DVD also includes a behind-the-scenes interview, a compilation of funny moments from CGR Undertow and a countdown of the best NES games ever.


A Great Big Bunch of CGR Undertow is one of my proudest accomplishments. It's still available digitally on Amazon, and it pairs well with a bowl of cereal and an antipsychotic.